Other Names: Titans,


They are a race that claim they are the scions of the Oreulium before they left the world to live in the sky. Few people including scholars dispute this claim as the nephilim display aspects similar to those described of the oreimilians.


Nephilim look like well formed, lean and strong looking humans of giant stature. There are no obese or naturally ugly nephilim. They stand between 7 and 10 feet tall and wiegh anywhere from 200 to 800 pounds depending on height and musculature. The hair, eyes, and skin tone have all the variations of humans, but their skin tends to be no lighter than deep bronze up to ebony black.

Racial Abilities

Code of Honor (- 2): The Nepilim have a rigid set of rules they live by. They solve most of their problems with each other to wrestling and other forms of physical competition. The genders are not allowed to harm each other nor fight the opposite gender’s battles or solve their problems. This often bleeds over to non-nephilim gender restrictions.
Giant Sized (+ 3): Nephilim are Size + 3 and have a + 3 Toughness from their immense stature. They can take the Small Hindrance reducing their Size by 1.
Huge Presence (+ 2): Because of their size and perhaps due to their ancestry, all nephilim are difficult to ignore. They start with the Charismatic Edge.
Slow and Steady (- 1): Nephilim are slow despite their great size they have a starting Pace of 5.
Titan’s Strength (+ 2): Even the weakest of nephilim are at least as strong as the average human. They start with a d6 Strength.

Racial Edges

Bigger than Big
Requirements: Character Creation
The character is larger even by Nephilim standards standing 10 feet or more tall. They have a Size 4.


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