Dalchini is the largest known iceberg in Sagara measuring just over 1000 miles across and a known depth of over 3 miles in thickness.

Surface Settlements

Axeswing Located not far down the Iron Trade Road from Icecrest is the largest surface dwarven city. It serves as a dayport (a trade center between under-dwellers and surface folk) for the dawrven kingdom located in the ice tunnels below.

Gray Frost This independent city-state is considered the main trade city of Sagara as it is located at the major cross roads of several major trade routes including the dwarven merchant city of Axeswing. The city gets its name from the color of the snow and ice that surrounds the city due to the large number of humanoid activity day and night. The gray and brown snow extends more than twenty miles along the over land roads making the city very easy to navigate to with relative safety.

Icecrest This small town is quartered by a hundred foot ice cliff and a quick moving river/waterfall. It is well know for it meticulous annual history recording upon the marble steps that connect upper Icecrest with lower Icecrest.

Ice’n’Vole This small village is a few days south of Icecrest along the Iron Trade Road. It was named after a frozen dire vole frozen in the center of the village.

Rockport This is the largest city found on the coast of Dalchini. Named for because of a giant boulder that rests upon the ice near the settlement and sea that is an excellent landmark for travelers both by ice and sea. Upon this boulder is former dragon keep that few have actually explorerd though a small community maintain a light house from the highest tower of the keep having built scaffolding on the outside the keep. Even today the locals claim that the dragon ruler still lives within so ashamed with the fall of his empire that he dare not show his face.

White Peak This small city is located in the middle of Dalchini on the ice mountain of the same name. Despite its name, the city is located less than halfway up the tower mountain of ice on a small plateau. Yet it is the highest ice foundation settlement in Sagara.

Icedeep Settlements


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