These are mystical warriors whose discipline and secluded training have turn their very body into a living weapon through the practice of martial arts.
Recommended: Agility, Strength, Vigor, Fighting,

Artifact Hunter
They seek lost tombs and treasure troves seeking ancient artifacts from bygone ages. While a few may work for universities or churches, that vast majority are independent tomb robbers seeking only the money the trinket will fetch.
Recommended: Agility, Smarts, Climbing, Notice, Lockpicking, Stealth, Swimming, Thief

Most of the world is still untamed by civilization and on these icy frontiers are the barbarian tribes living in the harsh environment.
Recommended: Strength, Vigor, Fighting, Notice, Survival, Brawny

Holy Avenger
They seek out enemies of their church and eliminate them usually using clandestine actions.
Recommended: Agility, Strength, Climbing, Fighting, Notice, Stealth, Tracking, Assassin

Most of the world is water and to get anywhere a person is going to have to travel by boat or ship eventually. Most sailors are struck with wanderlust that draws them to this naturally adventurous career.
Recommended: Agility, Strength, Boating, Climbing, Fighting, Notice, Swimming, Ace

They travel the bergs to entertain, inform, and educate the peoples of Sagara on the happenings of the world. Most troubadour are the only source of information that the common people get of the world around them. While they are a well-liked by most, they still need to know how to handle themselves both on the dangerous city streets as well as the hazardous wilderness trails.
Recommended: Smarts, Spirit, Notice, Persuasion, Streetwise, Taunt, Fleet Footed,

They have studied ancient mystical formulas with in musty tomes have can alter reality with a wave of a hand. The world has few wizards as the road to arcane knowledge is long, dangerous, and expensive. Many wizards turn to adventuring to cover the expense of study/experimentation, practice their art more freely, and seek more eldritch knowledge left by fallen civilizations.
Recommended: Smarts, Spirit, Investigation, Knowledge: Arcana, Spellcasting, Arcane Background: Magic, Power Points


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