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House Rules These are the house rules for this setting. Note this is a Savage Worlds based game.

Character Creation

Archetypes This is a list of possible character archetypes to help the players create the character they are playing.
Races These are the major races of the modern world of Sagara.


The flat world of Sagara is that of an ocean that ends on a limitless waterfalls at their edge. Or at least that is what explorers who have traveled to the edge of the seas have reported back. There is no earth to walk upon unless it rests upon ice. All continents of Sagara are made of icebergs. To be certain, there are areas of rock and stone, even entire mountains that are not ice, but even they rest upon colossal icebergs that float upon the depth-less ocean. Subterranean creatures are cautious to not delve too deep into the ice for fear of flood the icedeep or worse release the prison of a demon or devil.

Dalchini This is the largest iceberg in Sagara. It stretches out for more than a thousand miles. It also has some of the largest kingdoms that exist today, though; they pale in comparison the fallen empires of the dragons.
Hanout The northern most major iceberg of the world. Few peoples live here due to the extreme cold and wind known to flash freeze the living.
Lennef One of the smaller icebergs with only a small kingdom and a sizable iron tree forest upon it.
Sumae A distant iceberg far from the any other and home to the last great serpentman kingdom carved out of a minor dragon’s former empire. Some of Sagaras best records of history and knowledge can be found here.
Zalhtar aka the Wizard’s berg. An iceberg known for its conclave of wizards. These wizards are extreme isolationists. While not overly hostile, they only give one warning to trespassers.

Deities and Religion

Armatan God of Perseverance, Light, and Duty
Femke Goddess of Beauty, Fire, and Passion
Hastur God of Death, Harvest, and Darkness
Nebeth Goddess of Good Luck, Fortune, and Good Weather
Ridwan God of Battle, Iron, and Strength
Ibisra Goddess of Knowledge, Challenge, and Ability.
Umberlux Goddess of Seas, Bad Weather, and Misfortune
Yog-Zath God of the Unknown, Secrets, Schemes, Plans, and Conspiracies

Game Master’s Section

Bestiary A list of monsters found in Sagara

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