Hope Summer Never Arrives!

Sagara is a world of water and sky. A world of expansive icebergs the size of continents in an ocean so expansive that few have ever seen the edge where the sea falls away and becomes limitless sky. Many of the civilized races of Sagara live either on these icebergs that are hundreds of miles across. Other races actually live in tunnels carved deep into the ice mining the stone and rock therein sometimes as big as mountains themselves. A few live upon the cold salty oceans themselves away from the ice and snow. Existence can be harsh in Sagara, but life has carved out a niche in this cold world. While life isn’t easy, Sagara offers natural its beauty from wind carved ice formations to fantastic winters lights.

Most people live their lives fishing, hunting, and crafting their possessions from animals, rocky ore, or even the forests of trees that feed on rock, metal, and sometimes blood. Merchants trade between other icebergs or even with the peoples who live under the ice. Adventurers seek treasures lost in the ice, pockets of lush vegetation in warm pockets under the ice (called cienagas), and even strange creatures whose parts can be used in power magic’s.
Sagara was not always a world of cold wind and freezing ice. It is said that in the beginning the world only fire and stone. It was oppressively hot and powerful immortal beings that created ruled over it. Back then, the world was known as Aga. Created the Orellium and by creatures whose name has been lost to time if they ever gave themselves names all called demons/devils by modern tongue. Demons/devils were made of fire and smoke. The Orellium were virtuous beings of what legends say is physical perfection. The two factions worked to create Aga to be a playground and home for them. And for a time all was good. However, the Orellium discovered that the Demons/Devils only wanted to create Aga to have mortal creatures to play with and torture. The Orellium took pity on these fragile beings and vowed to protect them from the Demons/Devils. This referred to as the beginning of the Immortal War called that due to the fact that Demons/Devils and Orellium can never truly be killed. It was for this reason that each side used their mortal creatures as soldiers in their war.

The dragons were the last collaboration between the demons/devils and Orellium. It said that in the early days of the Immortal War the first dragons were bred into the kinds found today. The Chromatic created by the demons/devils and the metallic by the Orellium. It seems only fitting that it was the dragons than exiled both factions from Aga. Only the demons and the Orellium that still remain know when the dragons rose up and over threw their masters. It seems that dragons grew tired of being mere pawns in this pointless war. They turned on their masters. The dragons knew they could not kill that could not be killed so they altered Aga itself. They changed Aga from a hot world of stone and fire to one of ice and bitter cold wind. The dragons’ coup was so effective they managed to bury the Demons/Devils under the entire world. The Orellium on the other hand, were asked to vacate Aga through diplomacy and treaty only allowed to return of the most specific of terms laid out by the dragons and never in full force again. The Orellium left Aga flying up into the sky where they can still be seen at night as the stars.

With the Immortals either buried under the entirety of the world or forced to the heavens, the dragons renamed their world, Barpha. They ruled over Barpha as tyrants with only a few exceptions a select few of the metallic dragons. The Draconian Empire was said to control almost the entire world. Only the furthest fringes and deepest tunnels were free of the dragon empire’s influence. It stayed that way for centuries. However, the dragons became decadent and corrupt. The icy world of Barpha began to melt forming the oceans. Historians point to the sinking of the largest of the dragon empire city, Ajagara, as the end of the dragon empire. As this great city fell beneath the waves and cracked ice so too did dragon civilization. Even today the ruins of their great city dot the wilderness filled with both ancient treasures and peril.

With Ajagara falling beneath the waves of the new oceans, the world was renamed once again from Barpha to Sagara. The fall of the Dragon Empire allowed many of the humanoid races to thrive and start their own empires the largest being the dwarven, eladrin, elven, and human ones.
The sky of Sagara has no sun. During the day the night yields to a sky that grows brighter and brighter day after day until meteor day. Meteor day denotes the last day in Sagara’s 350 day year. Every 350 days the sky rains fiery meteors at midnight the following day has no light. Legends say this is the Orellium keeping their bargain to the dragons offering fine metals and jewels upon them within these metorites. Sagara does have night filled with billions of twinkling stars and eleven moons of various size shapes and complex lunar cycles. These moons are believe to be the new home of the Orellium who watch from above each moon a kingdom of the god (Avandra, Bahmunt, Corellion, Erathis, Ioun, Kord, Melora, Moradin, Pelor, Raven Queen, Sehamine) who resides there.

Today Sagara is a world relative peace. There is war and strife, but not nearly of the scale seen in the previous eras. Survival can be tough in the rugged world, but the hardy people and learned how. The humanoid civilizations are just now strong enough to venture into the wilderness again. There is vast fortunes awaiting adventures brave, hardy, and cunning enough to seek them out.

Sagara: World of Sea and Sky